just moved from detroit to san francisco bay area

Mar 10, 2007
i drove it and my 910 died along the way. it started complaining about the battery level at the end of day one in omaha. after some googling i found others with similar issues. I was able to recharge the battery that night by rubberbanding it to my desktop charger. I pushed on through the next day to Pueblo CO. During that day it would periodically charge itself then stop charging. I made it to Pueblo with very little battery remaining. I tried to charge it the same way that night and woke up to a completely dead device. The battery started to charge that night, then quit. so it ran until its battery was totally dead.

Luckily i had 2 other options. I was a beta tester for the Dash gps devices, and decided to extend my usage. I relied on this from Pueblo, through New Mexico, Arizona, Las Vegas, and then through the central valley of California. I finally ended in the bay area on Friday. I also have a blackberry 8800 so i could have relied on my telenav service.

I really like my 910's, but this is the second failure I have had with that model. My wife had hers format itself and is currently in for repair. Now my usint fails to charge on the dock or dash mount. The green light lights up when connected, however it never starts to charge, and it cant be powered on when docked. I plan on contacting TomTom support tomorrow to have it repaired. The device was purchased for this move, so its very upsetting that it failed when i needed it the most.


Aug 30, 2006
Downey, California
TomTom Model(s)
GO 910, ONE V2, GO 920 GO 730 & iPad TT App
Im sorry to hear that the battery was not realible during your important trip.

Definitely contact TT Support as this is not normal!

Keep us update.

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