Inserting mini USB cable

Oct 24, 2009
I've now owned two versions of the ONE (140S and 335T). I mostly like the device.

However, I find that it's really difficult to plug in the USB cable. It always takes me 5 to 10 tries and about a minute.

I must be doing something wrong. I can't believe that it was designed this way. What's the secret?

I don't have a similar problem with any of my other USB devices.
Yeah, the usb port on some models does seem to be slightly recessed and the accompanying provided charger seems to be, I dunno, a bit wide.

I guess the only thing I can suggest (I'm sure you're doing it anyway) is to plug the charger into the unit while the unit is in your hand, where you can get a good view of things.....
Yes, I've noticed that it's more difficult to plug in the mini USB on my newer XL-335TM than it is on my 3 yr old TT-3rd edition. The newer model's female jacks are recessed. Probably to protect the cable from being pulled out accidentally, but makes it harder to plug in. :rolleyes:
So glad I'm not the only one who finds it super difficult to plug in my XXL... that thing is ridiculous to get in there... and it seems like it would be straight forward... I know I'm going to break it or bend something sooner or later.
I know I'm going to break it or bend something sooner or later.
Yep, I feel the same way. After reading some posts on the forum here on how hard it is to replace that jack, I'm extra careful so as not to damage it.
While most of the problem appears to be the USB port on the TOMTOM itself, I think that it might be compounded by the car charger.

When I connect the TomTom to my computer via USB, I don't have as much trouble.

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