in Australia is Frankston Bypass activated

Don't be surprised if it takes a while for any new change to filter down to a given map release, especially a new section of road.

How long ago was the bypass opened, and what map version do you have (900?)
If it exists on your map but is not "activated", can you use MapShare to open it to traffic?
I haven't ever seen a situation like that, but theoretically, it would be possible for a road to appear on a TomTom map in advance, but be blocked or managed with turn restrictions until such time as it was opened. In that case, a user could use MapShare to unblock or remove turn restrictions. But as you know (but the OP may not), it is not possible to add a street using MapShare and have the unit create a route that will use the added street. It would have to exist in the map beforehand. It's a shortcoming of the MapShare system.
I was just wondering about the OPs use of the phrase "not active" for the road, rather than just "missing"!
Could be being displayed as a dashed line in advance of opening, or ??? I'll be curious to hear back, too.
I was busy biting my tongue.

@nsj (and peterseaford)
Five days is hardly enough time for TomTom to have produced a new map version that would include that road. Don't be surprised if it takes until map 915 for that one to be incorporated, but be sure to report it to guarantee that they're looking at it:
Historically, Tomtom has taken about 9 months to get known new roads into offline map producs (eg: standalone PNDs and smartphone apps). In most cases, they know about major new road changes on their own, but it wouldn't hurt to confirm them through canderson's link.

This is pretty standard in the navigation world, for offline mapping.

Google has changed user expectations, because their updates are near realtime. However, Google's map could never fit into an offline device.

The sophisticated snapshot, compression, filtering, and publication processes are what take the offline navigation world the 9 months of time.
Ok Guys it's been over 12 months and the Peninsula Link is still not on the your updated Maps. What is going on? This road is now the main route in and out of where we live and not having it on the map make our GPS useless.

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