Huge price increase for my maps

Jun 6, 2010
Cumbria, England
TomTom Model(s)
XL IQ Routes Edition (UK & ROI)

For the past three years or, since I purchased my XL IQ Routes, my annual subscription has been about GBP 22.00.

I noticed that about a week ago, when I last updated my TomTom, it sugested I update my subscription for the usual amount. The next day I conected it to my computer intending to purchase another 12 months of updates and saw that the price had almost doubled to GBP 38.00 or so.

Why has it been necessary for TomTom to hike up the price so enormously? Does anyone know?
Thay haven't tried to switch you to a full Europe map have they?

EDIT: No I've just checked the prices and you're right... In fact, according to the UK website, the UK map is £39.95 and the Europe map is £49.95.

The only thing I can see is that they have decreased the price of the one-year update service to the same price as the single map to make you FEEL like you're getting a good deal.

Are you sure the old deal was that cheap though? I've not bought a UK map for some time, but less than £20 seems rather low to me.
Yes, I am sure. I have always paid around £22.00 for a year's subscription ever since I bought the device a few years ago. What annoyed me was that this price hike happened overnight about a week ago.

Also, the latest map I installed was just a couple of weeks ago and it is definitely just the UK and Northern Ireland.

As I never use my car outside the UK, to have the European map would be an un-necessary luxury and at almost £40 for map updates it would perhaps be better in the long term to replace the device with a later model or other make that has lifetime map updates.

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