Hidden buttons, Tips and more.

Dec 18, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
XL 340
Three questions -

Every so often on my XL340 I see a satellites display that shows the status of satellites. It appeared even though I didn’t do anything. And, there was no way to find how it was loaded. It was something to watch while the GPS was acquiring signals. On an older model I could get to that display through preferences. How do I get there now?

Every time I start my GPS I get a tip. I have been using TomTom GPSs for about 15 years and don't need to see them. How do I turn them off?

Maybe hidden buttons are the answer. In the manual, it says that you can control the number of options and see hidden buttons. The + and – that the manual mentions are not on my device. I get 6 pages; am I seeing everything or are there still hidden buttons?
If you tap the right side of the status bar, the next screen shows the satellite bars on the top right. Is that what you are seeing?

The Tips eventually go away on their own.

If you are seeing 6 pages of preferences, you are seeing all there are.
No. It is a circle with dots representing the satellites. Near it is a bar graph with the bars going up and down as the GPS locks onto a signal. When it finds enough, some of the dots change color.

I had this on an earlier Tom Tom. It may have been removed.
Try this on - if you have all 6 pages available...

tap Main screen
Right Arrow until you see a screen with "Status & Information"
GPS Status

No idea how you're getting there by accident.
OOPS. On the main screen, there are only 2 pages - there are 6 in "preferences." In either case, I don't see "status and information."
Try this:

  • On the main navigation screen, tap the blue area where the small satellite signal strength bars are
  • On the next page, on the right, tap the small satellite signal strength bars again
Is the page you are looking for?

You found it. I wonder what else is hidden from "easy reach"

Thank you very much.

Andy - this is a full screen display, giving Long Lat, a circle with the satellite configuration and the strength of each satellite, the UTC time, direction and speed.

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