Hi people, a couple things to ask about TomTom XL

Sep 26, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
XL 4ET03
One odd problem with my XL is the clock simply will not set, manual or synch.
Next up is finding the latest updates. When I try, this takes me to another US site and can't log on. Create a new account and my email is not recognized.
I was also wondering if there is an app or method to pipe the GPS data to my PC and app that can use that such as Google Earth.
I like the TomTom, stand alone, it works fine for what it is.
The model is the XL 4ET03.
When was the last time you updated this device? There was an issue a year and a half ago regarding the interpretation of satellite clock data that required an update to avoid having many devices display the wrong time, and on a few, display no time at all.

As David suggests, you should be using TomTom HOME to obtain updates for your XL. It will find any outstanding updates for you.
Click this ------------------VVVVVVV

No, your TomTom is unable to transmit the received NMEA data to another device. Most handhelds are capable of this, but I haven't seen a purpose built automotive device that could do it.
Well, the device is old and no longer supported, looks like it has the last firmware anyway. (according to HOME)
My odd notion of porting data is to set my system clock with it. (just a hunch)
The oddity with this is the clock simply won't set at all.
Maybe I will hack this thing to fix it.
Thanks for your time in responding, have a safe day.
Are you having any issues with getting a good satellite lock?
Has this device been in a drawer for some time? Or has it been in use, and this problem just started?

When WAS the last time you updated your device firmware? If not sometime after April 2019, it does still need to be updated, in spite of what Home is saying. Your inability to get a clock set to hold is one of the characteristic symptoms of a software bug that hit a lot of GPS units at just about that time.
It did sit dismantled for a few months. I have gotten 5 satellites sitting here at the desk so don't see that as a problem.
Seems any further updating is not possible because I get an invalid email address trying to log on for updating.
I can try to open a new account, but that has failed in the past.
Nor can I find any version info for anything on the device.
That part not friendly at all.
I have no idea when it was updated last, before I got the unit.
OK, I was finally able to create a new account and update the device.
Setting the clock now works
Glad to hear it.
As for version info, the absolute most complete version info is found in the ttgo.bif file in the root of your device. It covers a lot more than just firmware version. Speaking of which, if you look at your ttgo.bif file, find a line that looks like this and tell us what the numbers are for your new firmware. You can use any text editor to view it. About 8 lines down into the file.


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