Height changes with Navcore 9.4 upgrade

Oct 9, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
340S TM (2011), ONE XL (2008)
After upgrading to Navcore 9.4 on my XL340TM, the altitude (Height) readout on the main screem was indicating 3600’ too high. Making the altitude correction within Height.cfg did not correct this error. Also, the day and night i.d. numbers had changed.

After noting the new numbers and entering them into Height.cfg using Notepad++ the altitude readout itself disappeared from the main screen (!) and instead appeared with the correct altitude when I tapped on the main screen status bar. Wow, now that’s just the way I like it – less clutter on the main screen, yet the altitude info is just a tap away :rolleyes:.

Wondering if anyone else has issues with Height or any other 3rd party software with the new Navcore?
I'm struggling with the ORN package on my 740, and Tripmaster on my 720, too. The unit can't seem to decide whether ORN/Tripmaster or Navcore should have focus, so I'm seeing bits of each overlaying one another in the former case, and blinks back and forth between them about once per second in the latter case. Guess we need to stay tuned at Webazar to see what's going to happen.

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