Heads up: If you bought your TomTom from Staples

Sep 8, 2006
arlington, va
TomTom Model(s)
720, 330S
In case you bought (or are planning to buy) a TomTom from Staples, save the receipt! They are running a new promo for the holidays. It's pretty simple to enter:

Go to www.GiftItForFree.com and enter in the code on your receipt.

They are giving 10,000 people free refunds on the stuff they bought at Staples. You just have to have bought it btwn Nov 16 - Dec 24 ('08).

Thought I'd pass this along since a lot of us (myself included!) were out there picking up the $99 ONE 125. So if you still have the receipt, go for it!

Did any of you get a TomTom there? If not, they have prettymuch the entire new model lineup on sale.


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