Greek POI's all in Greek - GO LIVE 1005

Dec 14, 2011
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Have just arrived in Greece to find all the map street names are in Greek script and so are all the POI's. Instructions are still in English. Would love to go somewhere however can't read the POI's! Any suggestions? I thought the Greek POI's and street names were in Greeklish.


Seems to be a bit of a mix...

I'm just looking at the map of Greece on my Go950 and (looking at Athens) when zoomed out to the whole city all the district names are in Cyrillic script.
But if I zoom into street level, the road names are all in latin script (normal letters).

If I look for a petrol station nearby, it's all in Greek letters again, but if I look for a car dealership, its in Englsh or 'Greeklish'
(eg 'Bestcar sa' or 'Centro motori ere')



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Thanks Andy

Posted on yournav today as well (for your attention really). Found out that if you connect to MyTomTom the street names go to Greeklish. As soon as it gets a fix it turns to Greek. This is all on the navigation screen.

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