Good: Snappy response, very nice display. Seriously beefy but easy to use mount. (Needed for heavier 7" units). Plenty of internal memory out of the box.
Live with it: Requires that you bring your own connectivity (phone) for traffic and personal data (no cellular modem, no SIM card option). Then again, we haven't had that in a while here in North America anyway. TomTom got miffed when AT&T tore down 2G 'early'.
Bad: Still no personal/custom POI support, just the goofy My Places from MyDrive web.

If custom POI support is a must, I'd stick with the GO 620, or 6200 for you cellular enabled types on the other side of the Atlantic who prefer that to the Bring Your Own Connection game. If neither of those are issues, this one is definitely worth a long look.

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