FM Radio Stations POI's - NEW UPDATE

Jan 11, 2007
FM Radio Station POI's for US

Attached are all commercial FM radio stations in the US, as of Jan 11, 2007.

There are over 6,000 stations so I had to split these into 2 POI groups.

fm_towers1 has AL, AR, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, KY, MO, MS, NM, OK, TN, TX

fm_towers2 has all other states, including AK and HI.

Unzip the file & copy all 4 files (ov2 & bmp) to your "USA_and_Canada" folder on the TomTom.

Notes on each POI show station callsign, frequency, city, state & transmitter power. Coordinates are the actual transmitter sites (not necessarily where the studios are located.)

MOD EDIT: See post #10 for latest list


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That looks like a great contribution. I make a trip between AZ and MI once a year, and I ended up getting Sirius radio because I couldn't find enough public radio stations. Is it possible to come up with a POI set for them?
Problem with the public radio stations is that many of them operate translators around their countryside, and even the National Public Radio maps don't list the translator locations. Are these POIs of the antenna location?
Public Radio POI's

I'll look into that, that's a good idea if I can sync the original station with each of its translators. One thing I remember is the database shows the translator station's callsign (not necessarily the station's callsign it is translating.) Due to file size I just used the commercial FM stations from the FCC database.

I am finishing up all AM stations in the US & will post them to this forum soon. The coordinates noted are the actual transmitter sites, not where the studio is located. Enjoy.
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Do you use an FCC database? I'd be interested in looking at whatever database you're using. I wonder if translators are hard to identify, in any database.

As example, here in Tucson, I'm listening to KUAT-FM at 90.5. Translators are K209AF at 89.7 FM (NW Tucson, Sierra Vista), K208BT 89.5 FM (Safford), K205CG 88.9 FM (Bisbee) and K219BU 91.7 FM (Nogales).
Well, I sort of answered my own question when I found some FCC databases. The FE database is of educational stations. The FX database is of translators, and it would be a database manipulation problem to match translators to the educational stations which use them. Maybe the FCC station ID numbes match. I had to force quit my browser when it hung up trying to deal with the file.
Don't see an easy way

Unless there's some other database, I don't see any easy way to create a POI of FM NPR/educational setation transmitter towers. The FE database at FCC appears to mix public and religious stations. I have a list of NPR stations by state and frequency, and there's a separate listing of translators identifying their owners. I'm sure there's a database manipulation to match them all, but it's far beyond me. I guess I should email NPR and see if anyone there wants to undertake it. I made some similar kind of suggestion years ago. Never got an answer, but they did end up publishing a map with stations.
As a follow-up, I discovered some folks interested in an NPR FM station POI over on I had reduced the FM educational station list to something manageable, and I think someone over there will succeed in splitting out just the NPR stations with antenna location POIs.

What's still left is adding translator tower locations. They're in a separate FCC list, with no apparent way of automating the process of matching them to the stations which own and operate them.
Ah, I see someone else has done it as well. Never could find one in a google search. I did mine about 6 months ago, but I have an additional one for TV transmitters, besides the separate ones for AM & FM. I could post it if anyone is interested.

Did you just include the actual ones that say LIC (for licensed) in the database, or did you include construction permits as well?

I might just download yours because I bet you have a better icon than I do.
Radio Stations

Yeah it is just Licensed, no Construction permits - wanted to save space plus have current radio station data. I have AM and TV posted elsewhere on the site, same deal. Hope you enjoy them.
I have created a NEW updated list of active FM stations in the USA. This is current as of 11/27/2011. :cool:

Unzip the attached file, and drop into your USA_and_Canada folder on the TomTom. They are split out by 4 regions of the United States, and there is one for Alaska & Hawaii.


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I have created a NEW updated list of active FM stations in the USA. This is current as of 6/18/2015. :cool:

Unzip the attached file, and drop the 2 files into your TomTom. I have combined the multiple files into one OV2 and one BMP for easier upload and navigation.

NOTE: This does not include translator or LP (Low Power) stations. These usually have short range & aren't very useful for travel anyway. Coordinates are for the station tower.


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