Fewer Point of Interest?

Nov 14, 2007
After a recent software update of my Go 910, i've noticed that when searching for points of interest, that when i choose a category, I get far fewer results than I used to...it seems it is now only searching within a 1/2 mile of the destination that I choose. I remember prior software versions showing lots more results. I also remember being able to indicate how many miles i wanted it to search, but i don't see this option any longer.

Is there a way to customize how many results are returned or how far from the destination you want it to search?

thanks for the help!


Feb 21, 2007
Toronto, ON Canada
TomTom Model(s)
ONE v2
I just noticed that, although I never really used the distance searching.

With the new NavCore 7, it seems those options have been removed (please correct me if you can find them).

As far as the number of search results being returned, I think TomTom is going to release a fix to go beyond 4 pages of results. I remember reading it somewhere, but the source escapes me at the moment so don't quote meon that.

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