Don't See Voice Folder in my XXL540

When you use Home's Manage my Devices, Device tab, voices, what do you see? If you DO (and you should) see voices listed (not showing as computer) then you do have a voices folder because that's where the built-in ones reside.

Also, in the unit's Change Voice, do you see some listed? If so, that confirms they are there.

May I suggest you add additional voices using Home's Add voices/maps....
May I suggest you add additional voices using Home's Add voices/maps....[/QUOTE]

Please show me how to do this step by step if you don't mind or point me to a link that shows me how to do it?

Connect your unit to Home. (by the way, if you keep seeing a stupid error message pop up about tomtom can't process instruction or something, just 'x' the message box. You may have to do it a few times as the message tends to reappear.

Anyway.....In Home:

Add Traffic, Voices, etc.


Next screen gives a choice of Recorded or Computer Voices.
Select the choice you want. For example, if you select Computer Voices (you'll see the error as soon as you select it. X it) You'll see a list of 'default' voices and where they are (computer or on line) Select the one you want and let Home install.

Once it's done MAKE SURE you disconnect your unit PROPERLY from Home using the Device Disconnect icon in Home's bottom right .

I'd suggest at this point you now make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents. If not sure how see here:

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