Custom Graphics help please

Jan 6, 2011
I've been trying to add the custom designs (start up graphic, car icon etc) to my device but I'm finding the directions on the "Create Your Own" content guide rather elusive.

Where do I save the files? I had assumed that I save them in the HOME folder. That is, if I wanted to add a start up graphic, I put that graphic in the folder home/download/complete/startupscreen -- is this correct? Because I do not see it on my device. I do not see it anywhere on the TomTom computer application. I don't even see a place where I can UPLOAD it to a specific folder on my computer (or to share).

What am I doing wrong? I have the TomTomXXL, if that info is needed.

Thank you in advance!



Welcome to TTF.

If you want to create or add a custom car icon, the .bmp file goes on the unit in the art/cars folder. Ue Explorer (or the Finder if a Mac) to put it there.

A custom startup .bmp file goes in the root of the unit. The name is splash.bmp if you have a 3.5" screen or splashw.bmp if a 4.3" or 5" screen.

See here for the size of the files necessary:
Create Your Own Content Guide


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