Considering buying a newer TomTom

Feb 18, 2010
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TomTom Model(s)
Via 1535 TM
:confused: I have a Go 630 that works reasonably well but is no longer manufactured and the new maps cost as much as the TT GO 630 is worth.
I am considering buying a newer model with the free lifetime map options but still would like the Go 630 functions and other features if possible plus a larger screen.
I would like to know if the newer models still use the TomTom HOME format and if not what do they use. I would appreciate an opinion on what model to purchase plus what operating system they work on and is it on this TomTom Site? Thanks in advance for any answers.
Sale on TT Via 1535 TM

:confused: There's a sale on TT Via 1535 TM for $149.00. Maps are lifetime but no SD slot. What's the capacity of the internal memory?
What's your opinion on the unit? Thanks in advance for any info.
4 gb and it does have a sd slot for a micro sdhc card.

I don't see it for $149 on the TT site but, rather, $219.
The GO1535 has the external uSD slot, but does the Via1535 also have one?

Anyway, TomTom is selling the Via1535 TM for $219 and the GO1535M LIVE for $199. I'd take the GO version with the LIVE option.
I've been campaigning for this site to always use the full model names and numbers for just that reason! :lol:
I would advise you to buy any sat nav device except one of the newer tom toms. They r full of glitches that need sorting and god forbid you have to use the worst customer services it has ever been my displeasure to encounter..... My go live has been back three times and they send it back with the same fault and now they have started ignoring my emails and when you r fortunate enough to get through on the phone they palm you off then cut you off.... Do not buy a newer tom tom...
Which GO Live unit do you have, and what kinds of problems have you been having with it?
Go live problems

I have a Go live 1000. it has been looping back to the diagnostics page then freezing, switching its self on and off on its own. Iv been reporting this since it was returned to me the latest time at the start of june with no joy at all from customer services.
Your two symptoms both point to a problem with the power switch. The diagnostics screen is normally accessed (although using it isn't really normal) by pressing the power button and holding it all the way through the TomTom drum sound (20 seconds) and continuing to hold it down for some time until the diagnostic (black and white) screen appears.

A problem with the unit switching itself on and off would also point directly to a problem with the power button. This isn't something that is common to the 1000 unit, else we would unquestionably be hearing it here frequently, so it makes me wonder if there is something about your operating environment that the 1000 isn't designed robustly enough to tolerate.

I see you're in the UK and not somewhere in the deserts of Iraq in the blowing sand, but is there anything at ALL that might be contributing to this in your use model?
Thanks for the sugestion, It sounds like a good shout. Im just doing standard urban driving so no extreme circumstances but thanks for takin the time. But if I cant get customer services to respond to my emails then i cant pass on your advice. That is what is frustrating me.
Cheers for the advice though it is greatfully receved.
We find that their direct telephone support works much more quickly than trying to run back and forth via email. You may have to deal with an accent, but at least there will be someone on the other end of the line. With ticket numbers in hand, you can ring them at

0845 161 0009
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. UTC

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