Work Truck Navigation considering severe slopes?

Nov 18, 2013
Porto, Portugal
TomTom Model(s)
ONE IQ Routes Edition, GO 720 (returned)
Is there any truck navigation device that takes into consideration slopes of roads as to combine it with the weight of the vehicle to reach an approximation of the speed it will climb? I say approximate, as for an accurate speed calculation the power of the engine would be required along with the weight!

Some severe climbing in motorway may be performed almost at half of the maximum allowed speed on the road, and that strongly influences on arrival time, fuel consuming... and sometimes just on the other side of the hill there is a road with less speed limit but all the way along the sea, which means absolutely flat, no slope constrains. It might result in the same travel time, or appproximate, a lot less fuel consumption, less material effort and no toll charge! There is such an example just 80 km north from where I live!

Has any TomTom engineer thought about this possibility or is it still for the future?
Are 3D maps in latest models just for the funny buildings or for serious matters?Is level map that I saw announced somewere on TomTom website this feature or something else?
Or, at least, is it considered in special IQ Routes database for heavy vehicles navigation?
Your questions can't be answered here. You are best to call CS:

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