Changing between NA and Europe maps on an XXL WTE

Jan 3, 2011

I just got a XXL WTE with NA and Europe maps. How do I change from the NA maps to browse the Europe maps? I've been on Home and update the NA and Europe South maps.

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On the unit, Manage Maps-->Switch map-->select the map you wish.

Be aware, if you do switch to, say, Europe_south, while still here in North America, in driving view, you'll see nothing at all since the gps signal can't place you in Europe at this time.

Nevertheless, you still can do Advance Planning on the Europe Map, add favourites and stuff like that. It's just the Navigate to functionality won't work while on this side of the pond.

Also, you HAVE made an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents, right?
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Would you do us a favour please?

Many new users (and some not so new) of 540 units have reported issues with them over the past week or so,

We're trying to narrow now the problem.

Could you tap the datellite bars on your unit and the next screen will be the version number of the application installed.

Tap that and the following screen shows information we can use, such as:

The map(s) and builds, like North_America_2GB 860.3121

The application ,such as 9.053.52xx

The bootload value that is shown.

If you wouldn't mind posting the values you have for those items...

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