Can Tomtom determinertimine which Order to visit destinations

Apr 20, 2011
I need to visit various destinations and was wondering if tomtom can determine the most efficient order in which to visit the various destinations. i.e. I have say, 4 destinations and want tomtom to visit them in the most efficient (quickest) order.
I need to visit various destinations and was wondering if tomtom can determine the most efficient order in which to visit the various destinations. i.e. I have say, 4 destinations and want tomtom to visit them in the most efficient (quickest) order.
No, that technology isn't available on any TomTom (even the 'Work' series, to my knowledge), and is exceptionally rare on others. Garmin used to offer a couple of $ StreetPilot and Nuvi models (760/780 and 7200) with that feature, but I don't believe that they do now.

However, if you want to put some more serious horsepower behind it, it can be done. It has a couple of names: The Traveling Salesman's Problem, or Least Cost Routing and a few more arcane things. Suggest you have a look at a sites like these: Find The Best Route Between Multiple Addresses | Route Optimization Using Google Maps
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Just checked to be sure, and even the newer TomTom PRO9150 (PRO is the name for the old Work series) doesn't include that feature.
Another option is to put the locations in to AutoRoute and let that optimise the route then save the order of the points including lat/ long in csv format then use POIEdit to convert the file to an Itinerary file and load that to the TomTom.
Sounds long winded but in reality it can prove very useful.

I have used this system in the past when wanting to check speed camera locations spread over a 30 mile radius and it works very well, trying to work out the best route for 45 locations is easy, not too sure it would be as useful if there were only three or four locations though as that should be fairly obvious - Mike
Don't forget, the well-respected "Tyre" (Trace Your Route Everywhere) can now do optimised routes (A-z route or round trip) as well.

Exports direct to TomTom .itn itinerary files.

Seems to do a good job of finding the correct location from a vaguely specified address, but I couldn't see a way to add a location by clicking on the map?

Unfortunately it only seems to export to .csv format (Garmin etc.) so you'd need another converter to get to TT format.

EDIT: Actually, I've just realised that is the same link as in canderson's first reply :D
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Magellan has this feature even on the cheaper models. Or at least they used to. Haven't checked lately.
As I say, Garmin had it on some of its higher end models a while back, and dropped the feature. I don't think Magellan supports it now, either.

Makes me wonder if it turned out to be a sleeper patent somewhere?
I checked and the Magellan RoadMate 1440 (the current bestselling model on Amazon) DOES have route optimization. However, it's not listed in the main features, you have to download the user manual for details. (word search "optimize")

Another option is Microsoft Streets and Trips. The 2011 version was just released. Requires Windows XP, Vista, or 7. Not so practical on the road though, even though no internet connection is needed.
Looked at the docs for the 1440.

Are you certain that this is what it is doing? It sounds more like this:

Add a new point to the itinerary. Press optimize to tell the unit to optimize the routing between the points in the current list order (including the new point). I do not see that it says it will optimize the routing by rearranging the itinerary list of points in the unit's calculated least cost order.

In short, it looks like you declare the order in the way you enter the points, and when you're done, you tell the unit to clean up the routing between them.

If this unit were really doing the 'salesman's puzzle', that feature should be mentioned prominently, especially given that it would be one of the last and only consumer units to do so.
Rider Pro can sort itinerary

Rider Pro can sort itinerary for proximity. Bought one for the motorbike, and want to know when will TT provide update to 950 range to do same in the car?
Rider Pro can sort itinerary for proximity.

Can it?!?!

I've never heard that before. And there's no mention of it in either the product description on the TT website, or in the pdf manual (although Rider "Pro" isn't mentioned in the manuals, just "Rider 2nd edition")

any chance of some screenshots?
Can't attach, too big. email me via hotmail: (e-mail address removed) (remove NOSPAM), and I will email three quick screen shots from my Rider Pro


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