Can I navigate cross country with a GO 5200?

Mar 3, 2024
<img src="/styles/default/custom/flags/gb.png" alt="United Kingdom" /> United Kingdom
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GO 5200
Had the device for a while, only ever used it in the UK.

We are now planning a trip to Antwerp (Belgium), which would mean driving to Dover, cross the channel to Calais, then drive through France to Belgium. I added maps for France and Benelux.

I expected to be able to search for Antwerp and have the device plan a route from home to Antwerp. However, as far as I can see, I can only search for (and therefore navigate to) locations on the current map. Now this isn't a major issue for the UK part of the trip, as I can navigate to Dover and then switch maps when we cross the channel, but the trip from Calais to Antwerp will require navigating through France and Belgium.

Is this possible, or is my device not capable of this>

Instead of installing several maps (France and Benelux) installed only the Europe map you will be able to plan your route from A to Antwerp.
Well cut off both my legs and call me Shorty! Here's me trying to be clever and only download the maps I actually needed, and shooting myself in the foot (which might not actually be painful if you had cut off my legs, but let's not go down that line!) in the process.

I download the whole Europe map and set it as current, and not only did it allow cross-country navigation, it even allowed me to navigate from my home (in the UK), and didn't require me to set the UK map as current for the first part of the journey.

Thanks very much

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