Battery Replacement

Nov 29, 2023
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Hi, new to the forum any help would be appreciated.

I have a Tom Tom Go Expert, Nav 4 I believe my two letters on the serial is ZV. Ive had the device for over 2 years and havnt charged it correctly over the time I’ve used it and now I assume my battery is knackered. It has been switching off randomly over the last 2 months but has now come to complete stop, a factory reset did help it for about a week but then back to switching off. I watched a video on YouTube to change the battery and ordered my self one but once arrived and after I’d taken the device apart I’ve realised it isn’t the correct battery, mine has only 3 wires compared the one with 5 that arrived and my connection was a lot smaller than the one that’s arrived.

Here is a photo of the battery I need

Any help would be appreciated.
Firstly, your expert was recharged via a smartphone mains charger.

Then check that your cigarette lighter charger recharges your expert.

Also check that your expert rests the support of course.

Also check the GPS and support contacts.
Tried those steps before signing up for this forum, as I’d seen them online already.

I assume I need a new battery.

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