another newbie reboot question

Jan 13, 2008
I was trying to do my sister a favor and update her TT one (first time it has been done) and now it will not boot up properly.A cartoon of the TT comes up with the SD card coming out of th slot and then the SD card gets a big red cross over the top of it.If I take the card out it tells me that I need to insert it. When I connect it to the pc there is no screen saying "do i want to connect to my PC".

Please help!!!!
Remember that the "SD card with red X" means "I'm loading the system or reading/writing with the SD card... don't touch it!"

If it stays in that state for a long long time, it probably means that it can't find or load the system software from the SD card.
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I have updated the unit but have not updated the SD card and now it wont give me an option when reboot the unit to connect to the PC. I can see the unit under "my computer" but TOMTOM HOME does not see it?

Any ideas please?

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