720/730 920/930 Battery Replacement Tutorial - Discussion

A small dab of regular RTV required to do this job doesn't seem to impact the electronics, though I will grant you that it's acetic acid (vinegar) that's being evaporated during the curing phase. When Corning and G.E. invented this stuff, it was being used as sealant in electric motors in high temperature situations. They've moved to alcohol cured materials for this purpose now, but the amount of volatiles released before wasn't causing any grief unless large amounts of the material were needed.
mic connector/light sensor cable broke

When I was replacing the battery in my 920T, the cable for the mic connector. light sensor broke. How can I fix it or can I get a replacement part? Thanks for any help you can give me.
?What exactly broke?

1. the cable itself?
2. the plug/connector on the end?
3. the connector on the main circuit board?
4. or where it attaches to the mic and sensor?
Broken Mic Line

Andy_P, The wires pulled out of the end of the connector when i tried to remove it during the battery replacement process.
OK. working from memory here....
Although they are very small, I think the individual connections in those plugs are pushed in and latch. Have a look at the side of the connector and sw if you can se a vertical slot lined up with each one. If so, you may be able to gently push a pin into the slot and push up and in to release the latch.
Once the inserts are out you can see if you can buy replacements (you don't say where you are from...) or whether someone with a tiny soldering iron could resolder the wires back onto them and still fit them back in the insert.

If all else fails, the wires COULD be soldered directly to the male connector on the PCB.
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I found the tutorial really good. A great help.

Take it steady and slow. Read the tutorial a few time before picking up the screwdrivers.

The tool kit was a good buy.

Anyone know how I can now check the battery life ?
Charge up your unit overnight and disconnect it. Turn it on and keep it moving around (it may shut off by itself if it ceases to detect motion) and see how many hours it lasts. After about the 3rd charge of this type, you should have a pretty goo idea what total battery life will be. Life will depend upon a number of factors, including screen brightness. Let us know how you make out.
This is an automatically created discussion thread. Please leave any feedback about the 720/730 920/930 Battery Replacement Tutorial article here.
Hello, I replaced my Go930 battery, after putting everything back together and double checking everything, it seems that my gps is not picking up sattelites. Everything powers up but it does not get any fixes...Please help.Thanks
When was the last time you got a gps-fix file using Home?

Also, try a pin reset on the reset hole on the bottom of the device.
Thanks for the reply dhn, I did try a reset and I was getting fixes just before I changed the battery.
After pulling the battery, all previous knowledge of the last satellite fix is lost, so unless the unit has recently been connected to Home for a QuickGPSFix file, it's like opening a newly boxed unit for the first time. It can take as much as 12 minutes (though usually less) to download the ephemeris data from one of the satellits and get a first lock in a clear sky.
About 3 weeks ago my 930 wouldn't switch on at all, even when connected to PC or CLA.
Checking this thread I checked for the us battery supplier.
Price, including tools sounded OK but anyone I checked out wanted to ship via Courier to Canada only. They were all around USD 39+ plus Canadian HST taxes and brokerage getting into Ontario.
From the eBay pages I decided to give lion_battery_inc, shipping from Hong Kong in about 2 weeks but postage paid to the door for CAD 10.21

Of course no Torx screw driver included so after checking a few places I finally ended up buying a 20.00 set from The Source (Canadian Radio Shack).
Replaced the battery late afternoon and just opened HOME and connected the device.
Well, error codes and "critical updates". Apparently, there was an update to HOME and then the GPSFix, Map Shares and Safety camera updates and everything was fine.

I don't remember how long ago you put up your original battery replacement tutorial into TomTomForums but reading it then I made a mental note to make sure I'll be reading anything 'that guy' posts.

Thanks and Cheers,
Manufacturing Engineers have become quite enamored of the Torx head screw over the 20 years, so it will no doubt be worth the investment in a full set. I find them popping up all over the place, especially in consumer electronics.

REALLY good deal you got on the battery + shipping. Hope it holds up well for you. Sorry to hear that BatteryShip insists on that manner of shipping. NAFTA is a joke.

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