4s Cases with car kit cradle?

Dec 27, 2010
I just upgraded to a 4s from 3g. Are there any 4s cases that will allow the phone to dock in the Tom Tom car cradle without removing the case? If not, what cases to ppl recommend for easily removing the phone but offering good protection and convenience?
With the 4/ 4S there is no need to use the external GPS mount as the built in receiver is more than good enough, you will need a powered holder to use the iPhone in the car to avoid a depleted battery though - Look at the products offered by Brodit/ Pro-Clip as they supply some powered holders that work with the iPhone in a case/ bumper etc - Mike
Already have the cradle

Thanks for the reply Mike but, I already have a cradle from my 3GS days. So, rather than throwing the old cradle out and buying another to supply power I am looking for a case to work with the TomTom one.
Unfortunately, I have yet to find one and I have tried many. The challenge is mostly in the top tension mount where the curved neck does not allow for any room there. I thought about but then ultimately decided against carving up a case to fit and now just remove it form the case when I put it into the cradle.

Since you are moving from a #g. Note that you will need the adapter pad for the cradle in order to have the 4 or 4S turn on the cradle. (The bottom tilts back and depresses the pad at the lower rear face to turn it on.) If you do not have the TomTom adapter, I suspect just about any pad a couple of mm thick would suffice.

I'm on my second, and when this one dies, I'll probably replace with a Magellan for the simple reason that it seems to accommodate most of the cases I have tested with in the store.
I can also attest that there are literally NO cases thin enough to accommodate an iPhone 4 in the cradle.
I have an Ozaki iCoat 0.4 which is only 0.4mm thick, and this is too big!

I have to say that the cradle IS great, but I agree that there's not a lot of point in using the cradle with the iPhone 4S as the GPS is very good.
For me, like you, it's a matter of not wanting to waste the money spent on a good piece of kit.
The reason its so annoying is the fact that the cradle is a worthless piece of junk when it comes to the 4s, Tom Tom should at least give a fix for this issue, even if the consensus is that the 4s doesn't need any "help"with gps it still certainly needs help with battery drain

a big fail imo

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