Voices-- Dave (US) V.700 versus v.710

Dec 26, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
XL 340?S
I had selected Dave at initial setup and to all appearances this is working fine. When I search for device updates in Home, I get offered Dave for download. Checking details of the installed one and the update offered reveals the version number differences. What is the difference?


The original dave voice that came with my xl340s is NONE TTspeed "real voice" ....only .5M in size ...
Then when i went to home i was offered another dave but it's ttspeed almost 45MB ...i
I downloaded and saved it to pc just incace i want to try it later ..
I don't know what you see are the same with mine ..
Won't hurt anything if you have room to try a new one ...delete it if you don't like..

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