TomTom voice control stopped

Jun 4, 2023
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 600
"Voice control cannot be used with your display language". This message appears when I click on Voice Control. Last week I updated my maps and since then cannot get a voice on my TomTom GO 600. I have done two resets that made no difference. Would appreciate any assistance.
I fixed this. I did another hard reset, this time with the TT plugged into a USB C port of my PC, rather than using the USB B plug supplied with the TT that I had been using. Then I went to My Content on MyDrive Connect and downloaded the Serena voice (a tip I picked up from an old post), and Voice Control was working. Serena is a computer voice which I didn't like so I changed it to another "real" voice and Voice Control is still working. So I don't know if it was introducing Serena or the use of the USB C, but either way it worked. I still haven't been able to try it in the car yet. If it doesn't work I'll be back here.
Forgot to say I used a USB B to USB C adapter cable to hook TT up to my PC's port.
Sorry -- was out of range all day today.

Strange that your computer voice disappeared more or less concurrently with a map update.

You should have a limited but reasonable number 'computer' voices from which to choose. You may want to sample them for a day or two to see what you think. Have you taken Karen for a spin yet?

The gentlemen:

Daniel - UK English
Tom - U.S. English

The ladies:

Karen - Australia English
Serena - UK English
Samantha - U.S. English

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