TomTom One 1st Edition: adding maps?

Feb 13, 2013
Having bought a sealed TomTom One map DVD, I've dug out my old TomTom One 1st Edition for use overseas. I downloaded the latest version of HOME, and tried to install the new maps. I got an error, so I deleted a few things to make room (I deleted my maps directly from the drive). Depending on how I try to install the maps, I get a different error.

If I go Manage my Device | Install items from computer, I get:
An error has occurred
We're sorry but HOME can't complete that task. Please try again later. If that doesn't fix the problem, please restart HOME...

If I go via Purchase Maps, select the map on the DVD and click Activate, I get the same, but if I go via More Info and click Add, I get:
Do not disconnect your navigation device
1. Install to Memory Card
The archive file contains this file: CANA~XZ2.011 The file should not be part of this archive: E:\maps\

I've reformatted the 1GB SD card and re-installed the application, plus updates. I also noticed a GPS firmware update. My PC is Windows 7.

So what do I do now?
This is a bit of a mystery. As far as I know, TomTom haven't sold maps on DVD for ages (if at all!)
They are normally installed by direct download or sometimes made available on SD card, but not DVD.

The mere fact that there seems to be a file with name that suggests Canada on a map for the Canary Islands (which is normally included in a Western Europe map) is cause for concern. What region were you trying to buy?

But the big question has to be "Where did you buy it from and what chances do you have of getting your money back?
The maps are dated 2006. Is there any way to transfer these without HOME?
The DVD is actually all of Western Europe, I chose to install just the Canary Islands, but I tried others; nothing to do with Canada.
OK, sorry about the "Canada" red herring, I got confused by the mention of "The archive file contains this file: CANA~XZ2.011", that's not a file I've ever noticed in any of my Europe maps.

Is there any way you could give us a file listing of what's on the DVD?

The downloaded maps usually appear as a zip archive (plus a couple of additional files), and the contents of the zip are all the individual map files including

(your map's name)-xxx.meta

(your map's name).pna
(around 37 files)

If you can get to the point where you've found all of those files individually, then we can tell you how to install manually without Home (in fact there's already a good tutorial in the "articles" section of the forum).
Hmmm, Looks like all the main map files are there, but I think I was a bit hasty when I said you could use the manual install method. That works for a downloaded map, because the unlock codes which lock the map to your particular device are created during the download process.

Obviously those codes are not going to be present on a DVD, so they will need to be created during the install part of the process, and I reckon you'll need Home to do that bit.

I'm in the dark about DVD installs, so unless someone else can take over, it might need a call to TomTom CS to see if there are any known compatibility issues.
Ah, well done. We should have thought of that TBH.

It's well know that if your SOFTWARE is very old, you need to use Home v1 to update as far as you can go, then switch to Home 2 and carry on updating.

But I'd never heard you had to do it for MAP updates too.
Guess the new versions of Home aren't written to manage packaged maps that are that old on the assumption that they're out of circulation by now. This DVD contains 2006 vintage maps, likely in the 7XX series, and quite out of date. That said, I'm perpetually amazed that my old 735 version Western_Europe map on my GO 720 continues to get Mapshare updates. The OP may be very surprised to see the same thing happen on his unit. My Mapshare update file is over 7MB in size.

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