TomTom GO, no audio through hearing aids

Nov 20, 2009
TomTom Go app installed on iPhone 12, IOS 17.5.1
Hearing Aids are, Oticon miniRITE R.
The Hearing Aids are paired to the iPhone (Bluetooth), the pairing means that all audio is passed from the iPhone to the Aids, eg phone conversations, music, etc.
However, despite going through options in the TomTom app no audio comes through from the app to the Aids, switching the audio from the Aids to the iPhone I get all the audio.
If I switch to the Google Map App instead, I immediately get the audio guidance through the Aids.
What if anything am I missing?
Not sure if Tomtom GO is compatible with Bluetooth you should try with Amigo which is Bluetooth compatible.
If as you suggest that the app is not Bluetooth compatible, why is it that when selecting, Settings, Voices, click on the default voice, the audio comes through my Aids,. Note, in the Instructions settings all options are selected.
Having contacted TomTom support, they confirm that the product will not work with any Bluetooth device. To get some audio from the app the user will need to disable Bluetooth on the phone, I confirmed this by turning off Bluetooth on my phone, and hey presto I get the audio from the phones speaker.

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