Tomtom Go 710 Installing New Maps New Sd Card New Software Help

Aug 8, 2007
Hi there
I'm from the UK, and to cut a very long story short I purchased a tomtom go 710 brand new in Jan 07, but lost my SD card which came with it whilst driving in France.
My Tomtom had just packed up and by the time I found out about the old paperclip technique to reset it (makes it sound like a commodore 64 computer!) it was too late.
Anyway so I now own a brand new 2 gig SD card and an original copy of the Tomtom collection Western Europe DVD and im "trying" to get this whole thing working.

I will first point out that I never made a backup of the tomtom before I lost the SD card, so yes......lesson learned.

From here I honestly dont know where to start to tell you the troubles im having.

I know I shouldnt be (but unless someome can tell me another way of doing it) I'm using tomtom home to transfer the maps/poi/safety cameras etc from the DVD onto my SD card (inserted into tomtom).
I'm using the latest download of home.

I am using home to first of all put the latest application of Navigator (using download your updates), then I attempt to put the WESTERN EUROPE map on, then I'm putting the 1 voice on that I need, then the speed cameras. You'd think it was that simple?!?!?!?!???
The MAP OF EUROPE didnt show up on the right hand section of home, but having only approx 1 gig of memory left, I knew it must have been on there.

On the first "working" attempt (after a number of resets etc) all seemed fine except that some/most of UKs postcodes were missing, Ive no idea how this is possible.

So I thought, lets try a full format again, and give it another shot.
Now, even though The MAP OF EUROPE doesnt show up on the right hand section of home, the unit actually states that NO MAPS are installed when its booted up. So in other words, it works even less than it did before.
Even though only approx 1 gig of space remains.

Can anyone help me out please?

If possible all I would like to do it just Copy & Paste from the DVD directly onto a formatted SD card, and not have to use HOME at all. But I dont know what to copy over (and what not to copy over)

Can anyone advise
p.s. sorry if this has been asked b4
Thanks everyone, but it looks like I had a NONE COMPATIBLE memory card.
I put in a Transcend memory card and everything copied over perfectly and now it works fine. I was using a
SFinc Elite Pro 2GB
so thats one to add to the NONE WORKING list.

Just incase anyone wants to know the order in which I sorted this out here it is:-

1. Downloaded latest Tomtom Home & Installed to PC.
2. Installed Western Europe Map from DVD to tomtom using HOME.
3. Added Application from DVD to tomtom using HOME.
4. Disconnected and took unit outside & switched on. It took approx 8 minutes to locate satellites first time
5. Re-connected to PC & Installed voices from DVD to tomtom using HOME.
6. Installed Great Britain Postcodes from DVD to tomtom using HOME.
7. Disconnected from PC & booted up to make sure everything was working on it. (it now located Satellites much faster)
8. Re-connected to PC and backed it up using copy/paste (not tomtom home)
9. Installed GPS Fix from download to tomtom using HOME.
10. Installed New Tomtom Application from download to tomtom using HOME.
11. Installed all saftey cams for Western Europe from download to tomtom using HOME.
12. Disconnected checked all was working.
13. Reconnected and backed up again using copy/paste (not tomtom home)
14. Copied latest backup file to DVD

p.s. i'll have a go at that format prog on none working card

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