Tomtom contact list: first name, last name?

Apr 4, 2009
Hi. I've got Navigator 6 on a symbian UIQ device. All my contacts have their addresses already and i prefer this than adding favourites to tomtom all the time. Trouble is when I go to navigate>contact, it brings all my contacts listed as Lastname, First Name.

I view my contacts as First name last name, and some don't even have last names. when theres no last name, it just uses the previous contacts last name!. e.g.
list is

John Smith

tomtom will list it as
Smith, John
Smith, Mum
Smith, Dad

This ruins the order. but even worse, if i try using "find", it crashes as soon as i input the first letter (probably related to above).

Anyone have a solution apart from renaming all my contacts?
30 views and no reply, I take that as it's not possible to fix it.
So I exported all my outlook contacts, and merged all the first name, lastname and put both fields as the first name.

This made tomtom happy to list them all properly, and it turns out the "crashing" when i try searching, is just tomotm being VERY slow. (5 seconds per letter i search for). but this is not too bad I guess.
How large is your contact list? You may simply have too many for the unit to process.

I can report that my GO720 works great with ~50 contacts. There is no lag between letters.

Also, I haven't encountered the Lastname problem which you described. I have a number of contacts with just a Firstname & they all display fine (without a Lastname).

For the TomTom GO line, you can hand-edit the contact list. This thread has info on it. Looks like there's just a single NAME field, Not separate ones for First & Last. So, maybe that's the problem?

Only have 200 contacts. i'm using Navigator 6 and can't find this contacts file that thread talks about.

wierd thing is the first time it shows all the contacts it's immediate. but when i search it's slow.
I believe you create the file, contact.txt and place it in the contacts folder.
Ok, I'll try that. But this is so that i can navigate to contacts. How do I put contacts addresses in the contacts.txt file? THe link only shows phone numbers.
If that version of Navigator 6 stores & displays addresses, then it probably uses a different format for its file, instead of what I posted.

And if you already have 200 names in your contact listing, that file should be present.

Sounds more like an entirely different system for managing contacts. :confused:
I think it must be compeltely different. I can't find a contacts.txt file in /Contacts, and iif i put one in there it ignores it.

The seach is pretty advanced though, if i type in for example the letters "AN" in seach, it will display any contact with those two letters anywhere in the name (like Jonathan). Maybe this is why it takes so long.

Does mean it has a better search function than my UIQ phone though :)

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