TomTom 920 Operate my Go"Blue Screen"

May 19, 2008
I am having a rather unique problem, that I have not seen addressed in previous posts.

When I operate my Go from the computer, within the Home 2 program:
The screen of my Tom Tom (the one that shows on the computer screen) is blue.

I have tried uninstalling the app on the Tom Tom, Home 2 on the computer, numerous calls to customer support.

Any ideas?

Paul Levatino
Do you have multiple moniters set up on your computer ? if so. I have found that some graphics cards will only display some graphics info on the primary moniter.

If not, you might search the posts some more - I thought I saw some posts on "operate my go" on 720 problems awhile back. It may have related to the Home version and/or device application number installed on your 720.
thanks for the reply

No, a single monitor setup here.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Home 2 & have downgraded and upgraded the hardware.

In my System Information information from Home 2 Program. I notice the emulator is 7.481.... Is there a more current version?
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Here is how I got it to work....

I uninstalled the latest version of home from my computer. I then did a windows search of all the files on my computer "tomtom" and deleted them.

I reinstalled version 2.0 from my installation disk. This version does not allow the latest Tom Tom Device formware to run Operate My GO, feature. I upgraded to the latest version from within the HOME program.

Then, it still didn't work. However after moving around within the home program, it worked within a few minutes. GO figure... Pun intended.


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