Tomtom 920 No GPS signal

May 10, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
Go 730 and 920
Recently my 920 got stuck on the start screen so I backed up and flashed the unit. I then reinstalled the app including all the updates and moved over the map folder from my pc. I now find that I cannot get a GPS signal. Any ideas anyone on where I go from here please??:confused:
1. Delete anything in the ephem folder on the unit.
2. Go here:
c:\documents and settings\yourname\my documents\TomTom\Home\Downloads\Complete\ephemeris\ and remove any sub folders found there.

3. Connect to Home and get a new gpsquickfix file

4. disconnect the unit from Home properly, go to an open area and see if you get a gps fix within a few minutes.
Also, on the very rare occasion (twice, I think) when my 720 would do this, it responded to a pin reset (reset hole in the bottom, gently, with paper clip).
Tried it - no go, and that 's to both suggestions. I am thinking it may be the internal aerial which is at fault. Wondering whether to invest in an external just to see what happens
Possible. Can you find something really inexpensive to try?

My very first TomTom, a GO720, died similarly about two weeks after I purchased it. Hadn't dropped it or anything rude like that, but suddenly it was no longer able to see a single satellite. Nothing rattling around inside.

Returned it under warranty, but never did hear anything about what was wrong with it. Later came to realize they never tell you, but at the time, I was wondering if something similar had happened.

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