TOMTOM 550 Rider Bluetooth or Wireless

Apr 7, 2024
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TomTom Model(s)
Several Qs here on connectivity with either wireless or iphone via BT

1) What does the app actually do that etc doesnt?

a) Is wireless faster and more stable than the ipghone BT for downloading maps / updates etc.
b) Why doesnt the tomtom show ALL the routes on eg synched and only a few? Ive ended up having to import lots of the old TOMTOM Great Rides (from my 410) to the microSD card and then import onto the 550.

1) If you pair manually, the app then asks you to pair again and then the tomtom has one sync for the iphone (eg phone contacts etc) and a further one that the app has triggered so that two incidences of bluetooth connection appear on the iphone, one of which appears to be active and the other one dumb, but still connected....
2) When messages arrive is there a way to toggle these on and off so that riding is not disturbed?
3) Does anyone have any issues with multiple bluetooth connectins eg to the helmet, the phone and the bike?

Many thanks all

Saw your RIDER 410 PRO under your name and almost thought to tell you you don't have WiFi! But I see you're asking about the 550. Might be good to switch that up for future in case it's not always part of the subject line.

1) Makes it harder to see street names because the type is smaller! <g>
If I can, I always plan on the web site rather than the phone. It's easier to read, and pointing is more precise.

a) Especially for iPhones, we've seen that using WiFi provides a more reliable connection. So I would always use WiFi to connect for updates, not BT.
b) Don't know. I do not keep very many routes online, so I don't know what limitations there are to number of routes, if any.

Will leave others to comment on iPhone BT methods and issues. I'm an Android guy. That said, the dual connections cover both hands free operation and navigation instructions separately.
thanks for these answers - really useful - in fact it downloads quicker over my mobile via wireless. During the ride i suppose the BT will be the best best though

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