Tomtom 140 S Wants to shut off 10 secs when turned on

Jul 15, 2010
Why does my Tomtom 140S want to turn off on its own ? I turn it on then this screen comes on saying that it will power off in ten seconds. But you can press the cancel button. Other than that it works great. It was a demo unit does that have to do anything with it ? I have another 140s same thing and it does not do that. They are both updated.
Battery saving? Don't own a 140S, but many other TT models can be configured to automatically shut down in the absence of external power. So if a) you've got it configured that way, and b) you don't see the light indicating external power is connected, then c) that would be normal behavior.

If either a or b isn't true, let us know.
Is there a "Demo" or "Scripts" folder on the device as this can put the device in to "shop demo" mode where the device goes in to an automatic advert for what the device can do, removing the folder and its contents offers a solution - Make a full back up of the device prior to deleting anything mind - Mike

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