starbucks, northern california

Jul 4, 2007
oakland, ca
TomTom Model(s)
910, 730
i asked this on the poi for the starbucks that was already posted, but i thought i would cover all the bases. the starbucks poi already posted is for southern cali. can i request one for northern cali? if there already is one, can someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of it?
thanks so much.

theql :)




starbucks, northern california + additions

thanks pedro, i appreciate all your hard work on these poi's. they are GREAT!

can i also point out that the following poi's are missing all northern california locations; jack in the box, taco bell, wendys, &
mcdonalds are missing the following locations;
6300 e14th st oakland, ca 94621
2520 e12th st oakland, ca 94601
2208 macarthur blvd oakland, ca 94602
2239 shoreline drive alameda, ca 94501

ill let you know if i find any others, seeing that these are some of my favorite snack places!

theql :)

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