Routes not saving? Tom Tom go 5200

Dec 27, 2023
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Tom Tom GO 5200
Hi I’m a driving instructor and I need to save routes for my pupil. My Tom Tom go 5200 is not saving any routes. It shows the flashing red dot when I start recording but when I stop it dosnt come up to the next step where it normally ask you to put a file name and save it. I’ve just wasted one hour route which I thought is recording but it didn’t save. My free internal storage is 3.26 gb. Any suggestions on what to do please?

To get started Press the on/off button until you hear the sound of the drum and the device restarts.

If always the same
Reset the device to factory settings.
Also when I’m trying to share tracks
To memory card it says “internal error”
Errors “your tracks can not be shared due to An error”
Please try again later
Pressing the on/off button until you hear the sound of the drum and the device restarts does not erase the routes recorded on the GPS.

for the SD card you cannot share routes if you have formatted it to save maps.
Have you ever saved a route in the past?

Normally a red dot appears in the lower right corner of the screen and starts by flashing 3 times to indicate that recording has started.
ive restarted my Tom Tom and only now I can see the route has been saved. But I cannot rename it. I want to transfer those routes to memory catd but internal error is coming again n again. I want to do a full reset but don’t wanna loose my saved routes. Any suggestions on what to do?
I think if you can't transfer these routes to SD memory, your SD may not be formatted correctly.

If you do a full reset.

If your saved routes are saved on Mydrive, you will find them after connecting your GPS to your Mydrive account.
I can’t see the routes on MyDrive only my places has been synced

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