Renault sat nav remove missing

Jun 13, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
Hi guys. Need some help
Recently bought a second hand 2011 scenic 1.5 diesel dynamic
Trying to work out how to use the sat nav without the remote as it's missing. Played around for days with different buttons. No luck. Ordered a new remote but still want to know how to work it as delivery not for at least a week
It would help to know which generation TomTom device was installed in your Renault.
One is called Carminat, and one is called R-Link Live. The difference between the user interfaces of the two is substantial. Is the device easily separable from the vehicle, or are we talking about an integrated in-dash system?
We can help with the former, but the latter is something for which we have no docs.
OK. If it is a Carminat model, it is what we call the older "Nav2" generation, and the manuals for any of them from that vintage will no doubt be of help.
However, here is one that is from Renault and is specific to the Carminat models >>
I would supply the *.pdf here, but it's too big to upload.
Let us know if what you see in this manual corresponds to the physical design of your device.
Thank you so much. I'll have a proper read soon but from a quick glance looks like I'll have to wait for the remote as I dont have a centre console. It's one of either

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