Recommendations for TomTom Ease vent mount

Jan 3, 2011
My apologies if I placed this in the wrong part fo the forum, but I have been looking around and sof ar can not find an answer.
I received a tomTom Ease for Christmas, I am loving it, but I would like to use a vent mount. Has anyone used one successfully or recommend it in general?
One other idea to consider:

The mount as supplied with the device is easy to unclip from the main body and if you look closely at the hinge portion you will see two Philips headed screws:

Remove the screws and the mount comes to bits very easily indeed:

Next you need a Brodit Pro-Clip to match your vehicle and a TomTom size Brodit Ball mount, this one was removed from an x40 mount, currently Brodit don't sell this ball as a single component but I am sure if they are asked about it they could supply just the ball which simply screws to the Pro-Clip using self tapping screws::

Assemble the mount on to the ball using the two Philips head screws and the top ball cover, don't over tighten just nip the screws up so they won't work loose:

Fit the assembly in the car (in this case my Ovlov V70), this is classed as an air-vent Pro-Clip but it actually locates in to the dash above and below the airvent providing a very stable and secure fixture but, as it only clips in to the car its easy to remove and leaves no trace or damage to the vehicle:

A quick look at what the assembly looks like in the car with the device removed:

- Mike

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