Offroad Navigator v3.0 is available

Making this thread a 'sticky'. Your programs are too good for people not to be able to see the availability of them. (I finally 'unstuck' the thread about version two being available ;) )
help with navigator

I have installed offroad navigator to my tomtom one 140s but can't seem to figure out how to use it.
Do I also need a compass? or should it work alone?
Can you please give me step by step instructions on how to locate a waypoint (geocache) using it?
off road tracking "geocite" tomtom add on

Would this, off road Navigator v3.0, plug-in be able to work with windows mobile 6.1, loaded with Tomtom ver : 6.033 ? USA/Can Map ver: 665 ?
I love my TomTom software, on my HTC hand-held phone, with its detailed maps.
If it only could write and save a track off road and on waterways , It would be the ideal GPS Hand-held.
Some other programs are down-loadable but require massive amounts of power and memory for both software and maps.
What I have tried so far was not user friendly. Any body out there with any suggestions. :rolleyes:
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Offroad Nvigation give new life to my old TomTom.
Please if somebody can help my with instruction how to delete all TomTom file and maps and keep only Offroad navigation on my device.

It's been a while, but if my memory is correct, you must not delete all TomTom maps or the device will probably not be able to boot. If you have more than one map available from TT, even the smallest one left is OK, though.

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