Offroad Navigator v2.2 is available

Offroad Navigator, Tripmaster, Height and Daylight

When I installed Tripmaster, Daylight stopped working. On installing Offrad Navigator everything was working except Daylight. I re-installed Daylight's Execution Manager, now Offroad and Tripmaster are back to the "flashing on and off" mode.
Has anyone been able to get all 4 working together? I expect there is a simple work-around that somebody knows about.

TomTom One

Will this work on TomTom One? I'm new to TomTom , recently trashed Megellan T3000. Also does can someone take me step by step as I have no knowledge of Linux. Thanks
I think if you go to the site in the link provided, a video demo of installation is available .... I think.

Anyway, knowledge of linux isn't necessary and others who have installed the app will probably be around to give good information to you.
Favorites - how to?

First of all, roussillat thousand thanks for Offroad Navigator - it is awesome. I am new to geocaching and I tried to find caches with my TomTom ONE and it's been a pain. This morning I found out about your plugin and it is super - it is slow in responding to input but it doesn't matter, I still think it's great.! Exactly what I hoped for. I will get some cache hunting soon and I bet now I'll find them!

A couple questions:
a) I tried to set the GMT offset as -7 and when I click Enter it changes to +7; no problem, I set it to -18 instead and it worked find but I thought you should know
b) when I click the File button it kicks me out of Navigator and back to the regular software; do I need to set something in Setup to fix this?
c) the most important: I can't figure how to use Favorites. I have Favorites set on my TomTom but how do I get to them. On the Navigator page it says I can select them but all I have is 3 buttons: Setup, File and Lat/Long. Can you please help me with this? If I get Favorites to work, it would be awesome.

Hope to find some caches soon.

Again, thanks a lot for your work.
I had the same questions last week, and a couple more this week. I agree with Pezeke--Thanks Roussillat--awesome package!

I can help a little:
a) I had the same GMT issue, and used the same work around.
b) The flile button only works if you have .itn files in your itinerary directory (itn). I am using a One 130. By default the 130 does not support iteneraries, but Offroad Navigator does. You can create iteneraries using Tyre , or by using the online Google Maps to TomTom itn converter. I am hoping to use Offroad Navigator to get to some of my frequented locations on a local lake. I used the houghi converter to make a sample itn file just to see what the format looked like. Then I made single itn files for all of the places on the lake that I want to be able to navigate to. (see sample below)
itn file: Lake_Murray_Marina.itn:
c) Can't help you on this one, but it sure would be nice to figure it out. Anyone???

Now my question:
I had 8 geo-referenced maps for the lake that I wanted to be able to navigate. I used Marc Hillman's software to split those 8 maps into 168 maps to feed into Offroad Navigator. I renumbered the maps and created one file that references all 168 maps. (Note: I had to renumber the maps because I had 8 maps originally that covered the lake. When you run the maps through Hillman's software, there isn't a way to name the files, the software does it for you, so I ended up with map numbers 1-21, 8 times.) When I was outside of the lake map coverage area, Offroad Navigator showed the default screen. As soon as I was in the coverage area, Offroad Navigator would crash and go immediately back to the TomTom map. Is there a limit to the number of maps you can put in the file? The software worked flawlessly when I only had a single map coverage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
1) I will fix this GMT issue in v3.0 version, v9.x compatible version, soon to be delivered

2) this "no files" bug is fixed in v3.0

3) some questions about your maps :
. are they 8bits or 24bits colors bitmaps ?
. are their dimensions multiple of 8 ?

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