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Aug 7, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
TWO of my older TomToms quit receiving satellites , both at same time - at 8/1/2019!
Before I ditch BOTH I like to TRY to update my software - currently on version 7 something.
THE PROBLEM - my OS is Ubuntu and after loading current Windows version of TomTom software WINE refuses to execute it.
Is there a DIFFERENT / recommended way , besides WINE , to run TomTom software on Linux?
WINE is about as good as it gets. There's no native X solution from TomTom. The likely issue is the TCP to USB bridge driver that MyDrive creates. That said, how were you updating them before???

Your 'older' description does make it sound as though they're both due for the WNRO firmware update. Since you can't get a lock, it would seem your devices are evidently trying to use a bogus clock against the ephemeris data stored in the unit that pre-defines satellite location. Apart from that, the only error would nominally have been errors with the date/time stamp on logs and in the calculation of time on the screen.

The problem, FWIW, should have appeared in April. See here >>

Another alternative that COULD work is to delete the ephemeris data and allow the devices to pick up what almanac data they need from one of the satellites during each cold start, though that will take a few minutes. If you delete the content of the folder called 'ephem' on both units, typically 3 files, that may help until you can square away a firmware update -- but again, it may take a few minutes to get the almanac data from a satellite to establish a fix.

Would be interested to know which two units you have. Not all of them are getting the updates. See here >> and start to type in your serial number to see what they say about yours.
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I really appreciate your reply.

All I can tel is versions 7.130 and 7.166.
I do not know serial number . nor how to get it .

One is 3rd edition 4N01.003

The other label is long missing.

They both are over 10 years old, one has a fresh battery and I have never updated anything.

It always worked just peachy for me.

The one I was using failed on our recent trip last week.

Until now It always worked fine in the car , now it does not get any satellites , indoor or outdoor.

I had a problem charging it and just tried the “spare” after getting home with same results.

I am not sure how to implement your suggestions since WINE refuses to run the program.

I did look into “rollover issue” but without access it is pretty useless for now.

I’ll try my sons Windoze next.

I did do “hardware reset” on the one with that “feature”, waited abo9ut 30 minutes , but got same results.

Silly , but if the battery is LOW on charge could this cause this issue?

Right now the “charging” indicator is either black of flashes half white /red.

I’ll run the PC overnight, I really do not have real “changer” right now, just USB power, which may not be enough to charge dead battery
Good news - I have found THE ORIGINAL , GENUINE, SUPER-DUPPER ETC TomTom AC adapter charger!
Now charging pretty steady.
It pays to rummage thru junk boxes!
Per the TT site, not likely that they will ever come up with a fix for the ONE 3rd (your serial number will start with Y1, Y2,, Y3 or something similar).
However, you should only be being impacted by arrival time, clock, etc.
Go ahead and nuke the content of the 'ephem' folder, get it charged up well, and see what about 12-15 minutes in a clear sky brings in the way of a satellite fix. You should be able to do that using Ubuntu since the device is just a USB Mass Storage type device (like a thumb drive) and should appear as such to Ubuntu.
Unfortunately I did not REALLY checked the 7.166 version BEFORE I deleted the "ephem" folder.
I got SOME satellites depending where I was stading inside house and got ALL while outside.
Sorry about that.

At least the "spare " now works.

I did not find "ephem" folder on 7.130 version.

I did try to run the "install" using the device link ( on both) and got same results from WINE after downloading it. WINE cannot execute.

I am assuming I did download the current "install" version from the net.

Another "user error" - found the "reset" on 7.130 - but it did not change a thing!
The serial is on the other sticker. If missing put a pin in the reset, hold the start button down and release the pin keeping the button pressed. After the drumroll you will get a black screen with loads of info - keep the button pressed or it will start - and the serial is near the bottom as Device ID. I am afraid many One V3's are impacted more than TomTom will admit to - they keep spouting the lie that they will work fine and only the clock is affected - and are now pretty much scrap after WNRO.
OK, found the serial # but I need eyeglasses and another set of hands to proceeded.
Since this box is so old you are probably correct just to ditch it.
But I am mainly curious what broke.

Interestingly - I noticed Bluetooth data , so I'll let my PC to search for Bluetooth and see what develops.

BTW - I have recently experienced failures of electrics and mechanic , mostly due to long usage.
I do not get manufactures who hide such stuff.

Sooner or later such defects will surface and that is where the vendor's "reputations" takes its toll anyway.
( I also noticed few concerns about not be able to run Linux directly. Common , cannot do after 10 years ?)

These units have been doing adequate job for over 10 years, one cannot get too uptight when they fail. Just want to know why.
No one has hidden anything. TomTom announced the issue long before it happened, and has produced fixes for many of their older units.
Granted, the coding should have taken into account this particular problem, since it could have been anticipated, pretty much to the minute.
So while I can't applaud their foresight, I can't blame them for hiding anything.

Did you read up on the nature of the problem?
One V3 units come in about 8 different flavors, and they are clear on the 'serial number page' which are impacted in which fashion.
Ok, change of attitude.
No longer curious why it failed.

It is obviously my, the consumer, fault not paying attention to vendor's documentation by surfing the net.

The product failed en route , when there was no access to the net - again - my fault.

Thanks for setting me straight.

Since I still have another products to choose from - problem solved.
So far, the ONE V3 (which is the topic at the moment) seems to come up correctly depending upon which of the Y'x' serial numbers you enter. Turns out there aren't eight ... they never released a Y6 model.
The response will be one of two: a) problem with clock only, or b) problem with satellite and clock

Of interest, these are all ONE V3 models. The Y'x' are the first two characters of the serial number of each.

Y1 = code build 23, likely navigation issues
Y2 = code build 23, navigates OK but time problems
Y3 = code build 23, likely navigation issues
Y4 = code build 23, navigates OK but time problems
Y5 = code build 37, navigates OK but time problems
Y7 = code build 37, navigates OK but time problems
Y8 = code build 37, navigates OK but time problems

Although we never established the serial number, I'm guessing the OP has either a Y1 or Y3.
Mine, as shown in my profile, is a Y4 and is only useful as a paperweight as is my son's Y7.
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Makes me think that both are stuck trying to use old ephemeris data. Have recovered a couple of the older build 37 ONE series by assuring that these devices are forced to pull down the almanac from one of the satellites rather than using any existing ephemeris data. Would be interesting to pursue that one more time with yours.

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