No Signal: Can I Use External Antenna Instead?

Nov 5, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
GO 910
My Go 910 has not been working for a couple of years: No GPS signal, and no spinning ball, despite resets, software cleanups, etc, so I have to suspect the antenna board.

It occurred to me today that an external antenna might restore the unit to functionality. Anyone know if this will work to bypass the internal antenna daughterboard, and restore the unit to life?
Well, no spinning ball usually points to a hardware fault (gps chip). I'm not sure an external antenna would rectify matters but it may be worth a shot ......

I assume you are referring to this one:
External Antenna for GO - Traffic receivers and Antennas - Accessories - TomTom

Problem is that the US site does not show that device as being available.

Do you have a car with athermic glass in the windscreen??
Yes, that's the antenna I was thinking about, and no, it's not the windscreen: The unit won't find a signal in or out of the car, even after a couple of hours.
When was the last time you connected to Home and got an updated gpsquickfix file?
About 30 minutes ago. It's been sitting outside ever since, but has not found a signal. I'm thinking it's game over. Shame; except for the crappy mount, it was a nice unit.
If the ball isn't spinning the units only fit to be used as a door stopper, fitting an external aerial won't be any use at all, time to consider a new unit to replace it to be honest - Mike

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