New to XL 325 SE need help

Dec 2, 2009
Hello community. I just purchased the XL 325 SE from Wal-Mart on their Black Friday special. I really like the device so far, only a few minor gripes. But my main concern is all the horror stories I am hearing about updating the map with the Latest Map Guarantee using the Home application. And how it is bricking units. I can see I have a older map on mine (8.35 or something like that, not 8.4). So I need to upgrade, but is this still an issue? Or has it been fixed? Would really appreciate any input on this before I hook it up and try it. Thanks in advance.
Welcome to TTF!

Most problems with the map upgrades seem resolved with 840 since TomTom appears to have offered the proper sized map this time.

That being said, you should do an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit. Once done, connect to Home and go for the Update my Unit to see if a newer application is available. If so, just download and install that. Nothing else.

Then go for the LMG. Once downloaded and installed (it will take a long time, most likely) make another Explorer backup to a different folder.

Finally, make sure you are using a directly connected computer, not wireless connection, if at all possible.
Thank you dhn. I had heard people saying to go in a delete as many voices as you can to make room for the new map update. Is this something that should still be done or not?
You can try installing without the voice removal and see if the new map fits.

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