My Places/ Favourites on different maps

Mar 8, 2010
Hi all
Hopefully this is just "user error" and a case of RTFM, however....

I have recently upgraded my TomTom from my old faithful Go 300 after it suffered a brainfart and is no more :( to a Go50 and like all change am still trying to get the hang of it.

For the old TomTom favourites only appeared on the map it pertained to ie a favourite in the UK didn't appear on the list of favourites on the US map when I put the US map in via the card slot

In my new shiny G0 50, the My Places seem to be one long list ie I have both My Places stored for Australia and New Zealand as I have both maps. So, for example, when I look at the NZ map my My Places list still shows ones in Australia.

Is there a way of ensuing I only see the My Places which are relevant to the selected map. You would have thought there would be given that you cant exactly drive between Aus and NZ and clogging up the list with irrelevant locations seems a bit less than optimal....:) This will only get more complicated for me once I add other maps

Any help gratefully received

Your favorites for the 300 were stored (along with other preferences) in the associated map folder in a file called mapsettings.cfg. If you changed maps, you changed folders, and changed mapsettings.cfg file. The newer units don't segregate things that way internally.

I recommend you keep your favorites stored as POI, one as _UKFavorites.ov2 and one as _AusFavorites.ov2 and one as _NZFavorites.ov2 or however many you need to break things up a bit. The underscore will pop them all to the top of the POI list under MyPlaces and will reduce the confusion. I think you'll find that with tools like POIEdit or similar, it will also be easier to manage your various favorites.
Thanks for that - much appreciated.
I will look at doing that although my view is that puts the onus on the user and is a retrograde step from an experience perspective.
But I do appreciate your advice
I will look at doing that although my view is that puts the onus on the user and is a retrograde step from an experience perspective.
Welcome to the club.
Unfortunately, sometimes some developer has the idea that something must be changed, for change's sake.
... and is a retrograde step from an experience perspective.
The "UX" (yes, User eXperience) group at TomTom had given, and the UX group has taken away, no doubt about it. As you work with your new 50, I think you'll be surprised at what is missing from your previous model, but also surprised at what has been added. Fortunately, you waited to purchase this unit -- a lot of the 'what has been added' certainly wasn't there at initial release!

As you begin to work with their new web interface to deal with POI and favorites and 'work' and 'home', let us know if you have any questions.

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