5200 and My Places

Oct 27, 2009
St Neots, UK
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GO 5100 World
I have quite a few "My Places" located in the most used area of my TT map and things are getting a little crowded.

I understand that the "My Places" icons cannot be turned off so I would like to convert most of "My Places" to POIs.

How can I extract the name and GPS coords for all of my places and, preferably, store them on my computer?

I can find loads of pages on this topic on the net but most are quite old and not 5200 specific, so no help there.

So what I am asking (if I get the My Drive software to work with my 5200 - see another thread) can I backup "My places" to the laptop and then extract usable information from the backup?
There is a difference between the MyDrive Connect software on your PC and the MyDrive Web site that TomTom uses to support moving POI data on/off your device.
We ASKED them not to name all three interfaces with the MyDrive name (the device-connecting apps for iPhone and Android also carry that name), suspecting that it would create a bit of confusion.

Have a look at https://mydrive.tomtom.com/en_gb/

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