multi stop route planning software for tomtom 720

Jan 14, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom go 720
i am a house inspector in charge of inspecting over 200 houses per month. i get a list every month of the houses that need to be done and i have 1 month to inspect them all. i was wondering if there is a way to take the list i get every month and import it into my tomtom so i dont miss any houses in an area before going to a different area of town
I know you can cut and paste addresses in this webpage and get the long/lat of the addresses... What you do with those afterwards, I am not sure of. I'm sure someone can fill you in. I thought you could cut and paste it into TYRE, but I couldn't see (quickly anyways) how to do that.
TYRE would have let you create a TomTom POI file that you can copy over to your unit.
I had to do something similar and it wasn't easy, maybe someone can chime in with something better. Are you wanting POI's or an optimized route? The POI's would probably work, I'm guessing you could only do a few houses per day, then you could setup different routes with tyre.

1 geocoding
2 text edit
3 POIEdit
4 Tyre

As far as the geocoding, I prefer this as it leaves the address attached to the coordinate info. You need to paste only the addresses....street, city state zip

cut the results, save as text

POI Edit needs the longitude then the latitude. Open with a spreadsheet as a comma delimited file, then switch the first 2 columns. Save as ***.csv

Open in POIEdit. Save as tomtom file (***.ov2)

If you just want POI's you can stop here, but this is where the fun begins.

Open with Tyre. From there you can load them up with the Google maps feature. Click on a text entry, it's point is shown on the map. Or click a point on the map, it's text entry is highlighted. Now, move them up and down until things are arranged in a logical order. In Tyre you can now save as an itn file, then calculate the route using the Google maps feature. If you don't like the routing you can still change after it's been saved as ***.itn

Bear in mind, your tomtom can only use itinerary files with 48 points. Your 200 houses could be 1 POI file and four itineraries.

let me know if this is too simple or too complicated or if I missed your point.:)

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