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Apr 2, 2016
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I have a TomTom GO 50 with lifetime USA, Canada & Mexico maps.

I will be traveling to Mexico next month and have noticed the Mexico map is extremely limited in this package and does not include the roads to my resort.

Has anyone else found the Mexico map included in this package is limited?

Thank you,

Yes, the Mexico map isn't all that complete in certain less populated areas. When I travel outside of major city areas there, I load an OSM map onto my Garmin handheld as a backup nav method. OTOH, when I'm in some commonly visited area like Playa del Carmen (and up and down the coast in that area), I seem to be able to find everything on the map. I think most of the towns are mapped pretty well now only because TomTom has received municipal map information directly. Some of the 'private' roads or those outside of populated areas are the ones that are problematic.

Sounds like your resort is in the boonies -- nice! What general area will you be visiting?
Thank you for your reply canderson!

Actually, when revisiting the map after your reply, it appears the resort is on a private or semi-private road. The resort is Secrets Maroma Beach in Playa Del Carmen.

I'm really just needing the TomTom to get me to Tulum & Chichen Itza from the resort.

If I were to purchase the Mexico map, would it have more detail thank the Mexico map in the USA, Canada & Mexico package?

Thank you again!

Chuckle... I had to find my way to the Punta Maroma area once to find a geocache while I was staying in the area. As you say, unmapped territory. In fact, many of the 'coastal' resort roads off of 307 north of town aren't mapped.

You will have no trouble getting down to Tulum or Chichen Itza, and the roads are in really good shape.

Note: If you're going down to Tulum, you might want to seriously consider taking the road north to Coba. It's a really nice site, and last I was there, you could still climb up and survey the local territory. Can't do that at the Temple of the Sun in Chichen Itza these days -- was lucky to have been there back in '89 when that was still possible.

If you're looking for an unusual way to spend a day, might give Xcaret a look, too, especially if you'll have kids in tow that need to be entertained.
Thank you so much again canderson, I'll definitely take you up on your advice!

It seems as though the Mexico map which is bundled in the USA, Canada & Mexico package is just as detailed as the single Mexico map, so I won't purchase the map separately.

I'll share with everyone how the driving goes when I get back.

Thanks again!


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