McDonald's - 1.7

Aug 11, 2006
McDonald's - 1.7b

Revision 1.7b

Updated 09/09/06
12/07/06 : added parts of: Texas, Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida
1/17/07 : Updated with Denver.
2/17/07 : Add more North Cali locations
3/18/07: Cleveland Added.
5/19/07: Virginia - Richmond, Petersburg, Spotsylvania, Arlington, Alexandria, Stafford, and Woodbridge
5/28/07: rev 1.7a - Maine
6/11/07: 1.7b - Brockton and Boston, Massachusetts

Download and unzip to "USA_and_Canada" folder on the TomTom SD card


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Poi coverage

The Pois that come with The TomTom cover all areas States cities and towns.
The Ones That I make are custom Pois for personal needs it is obvious I can not make Personal Pois to cover the whole U.S. it would takes ages to make.
I can do it for your request for more than one State if you wish. As we go on a personal Poi for example a Store or Fast Food place can be updated continuously to satisfy all TT owners in the Forum if little by little everyone asks for the same Poi in there area. I've had a Poi request for a certain thing which was fortunatly just in one State it took 10 min to make. And some poi's as popular as McDonalds where it is a chain fast food that is in all of the U.S. and Canada that would take ages to make and there might be even a State city or town that one one will ever need there might (might) not even be a TT owner nor a TT owner that will be there with thier TT. Also since this is a non profit forum and i do this for the fun of it......

How ever if you need a personal Poi i would be happy to help Make one for you,
Regards George
ahh, that would explain it. Cause all the M icons are in Cali lol.

I travel down to the States often. Is it possible that you can make it for Western Washington and maybe Northern Oregon?

If there's too many (and I think there are), I suppose the ones near the major routes such as I-5 or the 405 would work.

If you wish, I can probably help you make one for the Lower Mainland in BC. I don't have the program but if I have time this winter break, I can probably copy the addresses onto a word doc. for you.

Edit: Is it possible, then, to add the covered area to the title of the threads?
Update McDonald's POI

Added parts of:
Texas, Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Florida

I also removed entries from the POI that weren't McDonald's. There were plenty of entries that had the word McDonald's but were other businesses.
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I suppose I can't pick and choose the area to minimise the size eh? haha. Dang... now i know why some of you guys went with the 910.

What's a good SD card to get? lol.
SD Card

Hi I have a 510 and use a 2GB Card (Panasonic) works great! I got U.S./Canada , Euro map in there, tons of voices and pois!
As for the deleting of a poi of areas you don't need.... yes can take them out
go to pager 2 of 7 tap manage pois then tap delete poi write or scroll down to the pois you want to delete, tap the address you don't want,and confirm deletion.:D

Hey, Jason. If there's any way that you can add Colorado to the McDonalds and Taco Bell POI's, me and my tummy would be much oblilged. Alternatively, if you can turn me on to how to do it myself, I'd be pleased to do the work & share it with everyone else.


PS -- a general word of thanks for this great forum -- it's been a great source of fun & information for me.
I can do this for you. I you sure it's not included in the latest file I inputed?
What part in colorado are you located?
Thanks, Pedro. I took a look at the ov2 file that you posted, but it doesn't include any locations in our area (Denver/Boulder). Typically, those locations would have phones numbers with (303) area codes. Thanks again for all of your help!!

I sure this area is included. The best way to know is to upload the poi file in your unit and test it for accuracy.
is this a update for all us or just a local poi?? if it is an update how do i update it in my 910?
The nationwide updated of this file was 2 revisions ago. The last revision: 1.4 had the icon image updated/improved. This last one just added the Bay Area to the big file.
I you were to update it, just removed the 2 files you have in your 910's north america folder and unzip the new files there.

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