Map update removed truck options

May 28, 2024
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I got an email to update my map, so I went ahead and done the update. Now when I use my sat nav I have no options available for trucks. I camt set my trucks height, weight, length, materials I'm carrying etc etc.

Is there anyway I can revert my tomtom back to how it was when I got it?
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This is because you have not selected the truck map so returning to updating the maps is selected the truck map.
There were no options for truck maps. They all just had the map name ie. Europe, Europe West etc etc. Not one of the maps on that list mentioned anything about trucks. I still got all the truck stops and POIs for trucks on the map just no myvehicle button to add dimensions and the one time I did see anything similar to the myvehicle screen was when factory resetting the device and on startup it would go through the initial setup of tue device asking me if I was using it for a van or a car. This should have included truck and bus aswell.
If factory resetting the device did not work, you must contact Tomtom support so that they can add the map to your account.

Do you update the map via your home Wi-Fi or via Mydrive connect?

If it's via wi-fi, check on Mydrive connect to see if a new map is available.
It was via the my drive app on my pc. I've spoken to amazon and they said their is no number to get in touch with tomtom so we can issue a refund if you want. I took them uo and am waiting for a newer model to be delivered
You can contact Tomtom support via chat or email.

How to contact TomTom customer support by chat or email
How to contact TomTom customer support by email

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