Live traffic without MyDrive

Jan 1, 2011
Well my good old XXL540 is dead, so shopping for a new GPS (typically do 1000 km per week).

I lean toward the Go600 with live traffic via smartphone, BUT my company provides us BlackBerry 10. So not possible to have myDrive installed. I can do without it to transfer routes and other MyDrive services, but traffic is key for me.

From all the reading, I am not sure whether the traffic on the GPS device only requires data acces (via hotspot/BT...) or if it absolutely needs MyDrive to run on the smartphone as well??

tia, pat
It's a long story, but the U.S. version of the 600 does not support WiFi tethering for Live services, only Bluetooth. And the MyDrive app has been written for iOS and Android. There IS an Android run-time app for Android support, but I have never tried it. Might check this article to see what it's about. Is evidently native as of Blackberry 10.

I expect we could turn up the *.apk rather than having to go through Google Play if you wanted to try it out.
Live traffic will be subscription based.
Is there a basic trial period included in that app for testing.
No sense in buying that GO 600 when it cannot be fed from the Blackberry.
Add on thought, even though not very palatable.
If it won't work with Blackberry check if Wind sells a dirt cheap phone with data plan.
If the live traffic is important enough, you may want to swallow the monthly cost. It is not as if you would need a high end phone with all the bells and whistles.
Well , sideloading is not a concern, but just discovered that our business plan with local wireless provider is such that BT tethering is disabled.
Might have to consider a different avenue :( since Tomtom appears to go live for its newer model.

thanks again,
Um... OK. Promise not to point to this post in a worldwide forum:eek:.

The TomTom BT app for North American users isn't exactly tethering ... not such that an Android device would notice, anyway. Let's just call it a "sort of SPP" approach to the Bluetooth stacks. Let's just say that I have no tethering plan and am running this app on a stock standard Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android phone. The traffic data use is pretty minimal since it's always being requested and supplied based upon your current location. You won't be seeing traffic for Fort Worth, TX unless you're going there.

I have something for you to try out. I will PM you with details.

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