How can we improve TomTom Forums?


Oct 30, 2011
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It's been a while since we upgraded the forum software on TTF, and I wondered if there are any changes we could make to the site to improve things?

If you've got any suggestions, please let me know :D.
I have no idea, Ian.
How is the site promoted?
It almost looks as if TomTom's own public forum site is siphoning off most of the traffic that came this way in a Google search.
I just searched "help with tomtom problems" and TTF showed as the 22nd post, on page 2, and that was one from 2007.

I don't changes within the site will change much to get them there in the first place.

Do your available data show you referring sites and if yes, is there a pattern when you could increase visibility.
As I said, I have no idea, sorry

We rely very heavily on search engine traffic, and there is a lot of competition with the official TomTom forums for search queries (as you'd expect, they rank pretty high as they've got a huge amount of authority). I was wondering if there are any areas that we can do something they can't - for example, would a large articles/FAQ section be a good idea, or perhaps an improved resources section?

It's just been a while since any site changes, so I wanted to make sure that if anyone had any thoughts I can act on them :). No worries if there's no need to change much.

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